Hydraulic loading cranes

We service and repair all brands of  hydraulic loading cranes, including Harvesters, Processors and Balancers.

We provide routine service in specialized workshops in Libáň.

For operative service interventions we have a mobile service workshop and are able to arrange repairs directly at the customer’s site.

Semi-trailers, trailers, transport equipment

We service and repair semi-trailers and trailers, not only UMIKOV brand, but also from other producers.

We are also authorized to rebuild semi-trailers and trailers.

Professionalism, speed, quality, availability of spare parts play the most important role in our service.

Spare parts and accessories

We offer supply of spare parts for hydraulic loading cranes, semi-trailers and trailers.

We provide production, repair and renovation of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps, production of high pressure hydraulic hoses and other small production and service work.

Take the opportunity to order a wide range of spare parts from our online shop
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Hydraulic oil filtration

We provide hydraulic oil filtration, which is particularly suitable for environmentally friendly oil.

– filtration is significantly cheaper than buying new cartridges, brings the same effect and also delays the need to buy a new cartridge for up to 2 years
– reduces oil change and disposal costs, as well as machine downtime costs in the event of an oil change
– we will protect your expensive equipment from damage caused by dirty, worn-out oil, removing condensed water and small impurities from the oil

If you wish, we carry out the filtering at the workplace of your machine.

Revision and training of the ZZ operator

We provide initial and periodic inspections of binding and lifting equipment.

We provide training for hydraulic truck crane operators, including the issuance of a binder’s and crane operator’s license.

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