The semi-trailer with sliding sticks is designed for transporting long timber and cuttings with a minimum length of 2 m.
For the transport of cargo, it is equipped with crossbars with stick, which are slidingly placed on the main frame.
The sliding of the sticks on the frame is ensured by a hydraulic mechanism, which is controlled by the operator of the hydraulic loading crane directly from the seat of this crane.

The semi-trailer is designed to be coupled to a semi-trailer tractor combination.

The hydraulic loading crane is located on the semi-trailer due to the variability of the semi-trailer tractor.

The semi-trailer can also be supplied in two alternative frame designs – a straight frame and a curved frame (lowering the centre of gravity of the load) and in two axle designs, with either drum brakes or disc brakes.

As standard, the semi-trailer is equipped with an EBS braking system with an information centre that informs the operator about the basic parameters of the semi-trailer, including a number of kilometres driven and instantaneous axle load status (load weighing).

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NPK 35
NPK 39
NPK 39 T
NPK 35 R
NP 3.39.2 T
NP 3.39.2 R
NPK 39 with fixed floor
SN 6.102