The telescopic semi-trailer with sliding sticks is designed for transporting long timber and cuttings with a minimum length of 2 m and a maximum length of 18 m.

For the transport of cargo, it is equipped with crossbars with stick, which are slidingly placed on the main frame.

The sliding of the sticks on the frame is ensured by a hydraulic mechanism, which is controlled by the operator of the hydraulic loading crane directly from the seat of this crane.

The semi-trailer is designed for coupling into a set with a towing vehicle – truck – semi-trailer tractor equipped with a fifth wheel  and a hydraulic loading crane.

As the semi-trailer is equipped with steering both from the driver’s cab as well as control by a second person who walks next to the semi-trailer and steers the semi-trailer as needed, this semi-trailer is mainly designed for difficult conditions of timber transport (narrow driving profiles in curves, little space for turning, difficult exit to roads due to narrow exit, etc.)

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NPK 35
NPK 39
NPK 39 T
NPK 35 R
NPK 39 s HNJ
NP 3.39.2 T
NP 3.39.2 R
NPK 39 with fixed floor
SN 6.102