The special semi-trailer for transporting work machines is designed for transporting machinery and work machines. 
The semi-trailer is designed to be coupled to a semi-trailer tractor equipped with a semi-trailer fifth wheel.

Main frame – main beams, which are welded from strips and plates into an “I” profile.

The main beams are transversely connected (welded) to the load crossbars at the front. In the front part of the trailer there is one or two bowls for the king pin.

The floor of the semi-trailer consists of galvanized steel omega profiles combined with folded planks or just folded planks. The floor is supported by partitions and framed by the perimeter profile of the frame.

The frame is furthermore fitted with a face in the front part.

At the rear of the frame are welded axles with suspension including all appliances and a rear underrun barrier. Reduced steel floor.

In the interframe space, a lowered floor is created on which equipment is stored or driven.

The floor elements are variable, sliding sideways in their positions to ensure maximum width for the load.

It is also possible to use different floor adjustment heights by rotating the floor 180° in the longitudinal axis of the floor to best suit the load being transported.

The inserted steel floors are sliding and are secured against movement with locking screws.

The rear ramps for hiring equipment are stored in a space behind the last axle.

They are plugged into the catch rail for rolling the equipment onto the semi-low loader. These ramps are used for safe loading of the equipment onto the semi-trailer.

If the semi-trailer is designed for transporting equipment wider than 2500 mm, it is equipped with a load area extension.

As standard, the semi-trailer is equipped with an EBS braking system with an information centre that informs the operator about the basic parameters of the semi-trailer, including a number of kilometres driven and instantaneous axle load status (load weighing).

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NPK 35
NPK 39
NPK 39 T
NPK 35 R
NPK 39 with loading crane
NP 3.39.2 T
NPK 39 with fixed floor
SN 6.102