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We order from the company UMIKOV CZ s.r.o. production of superstructures, semi-trailers and trailers for reasons of reliability, driver satisfaction and, last but not least, almost family business when awarding contracts. The company UMIKOV also tries to meet our needs in the field of service. Thank you.
Ing. NOSEK s.r.o.
Zdeněk Kalous, technician
We have many years of positive experience with UMIKOV, both in the production of semi-trailers and superstructures, as well as with the service, which always tries to meet the needs, and the availability of spare parts, mostly in stock. And also positive communication with your entire team.
S. Malina
We chose Umikov because: 1) It is a stabilized company with many years of experience, which is a guarantee of reliable and professional cooperation. We needed this very much as complete beginners in the industry. We needed a sense of security. 2) You are a pro-client oriented company, which I felt at all levels of communication, ie from top management to warehouse. I have a feeling of friendly relations, not only business 🙂 3) Before buying, I was very impressed that you have your own development, your own design department, your own product, because it is a sign of prudent business courage and viability of the company. You simply do not leave things to chance, you will reduce your control. 4) In all the positives, after purchasing the product, I was finally confirmed by a personal visit to the UMIKOV complex. Your background. From administration, through designers, production, car wash to warehouses. It was an experience for me and gave me an even greater sense of security and admiration for Umikov.
ASUSE s.r.o.
Zuzana Gmitrová
UMIKOV? This is a professional company, reliable and fast service, favorable service price and above all the quality.
BaP - Batista, s.r.o.
Ing. Petra Batistová
We can recommend UMIKOV. They always came out to meet us. When our vehicle broke down in the worst possible time, they repaired everything in record time, for which we are very grateful.
A. Poláková