About us

We are a producer of trailers and semi-trailers for the transport of timber, machinery and special loads, including their service.

Own development in the design department in conjunction with customer insights from practice dynamically responds to current customer requirements in production.

We assemble and service hydraulic truck cranes, our offer also includes the sale of spare parts (e.g. filters, seals, operating fluids, hydraulic pumps, shelters, grabs, etc.).

  • development, production and service of timber transport technology
  • manufacture of special transport equipment according to customer requirements
  • production of body works for truck chassis of all types of trucks
  • production of semi-trailers and trailers for oversized transport
  • custom production of hydraulic accessories
  • sale of spare parts and accessories

ISO 9001 certification

We meet the demanding requirements of these standards and follow the strict rules in service and company management.

Many of you, customers, remember our beginnings, when the sets were literally made on their knees … The driving force and the only motto was the TASTE to work and the DREAM to prove to ourselves that we can do it. We can’t say that everything was always the best. There have been countless touches or noisier exchanges of views on the design solution, but we have always tried to MEET everyone.
With both professionalism and quality of production, service and a personal approach to everyone.

Historie a vývoj

20 years on the market

Although we live in the age of modern technology and communication networks, we still appreciate personal meetings the most, because we are connected with most of our customers by friendship.

Thanks to you, and also in connection with the quality of production for you, we were able to realize the modernization of production and social facilities for employees.

on the market
1 years


Wood is the way

Thanks to the care of foresters who have been taking care of the Czech forests in a sustainable way for a long time, our forests are an important national treasure and a permanent source of wood – a renewable raw material.
It is up to us to use this fact for the benefit of environmental protection and a healthier life for ourselves and future generations.

We have supported the WOOD FOR LIFE Foundation and have been certified with many others to use the WOOD IS THE WAY label.

Certificate of the Good Angel – Foundation to help sick children and their parents.